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People You Should Know

  • Terry Brock, MBA, CSP
    If you want to know the latest and greatest technical tools impacting today's business world, he's your man.
  • Ken Futch, CSP
    This guy is just plain funny all the time. Turns out he's also smart. His book, Take Your Best Shot, is as good as his terrific speeches.
  • Gene Griessman, PhD.
    This award-winning author helps companies understand what it takes to truly lead, much in the way Abraham Lincoln did. A fascinating man.
  • Sue Dyer
    Nobody knows more about large project management, especially in the construction industry.
  • Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP
    A great speaker who writes and speaks provocatively about "thinking for a change."
  • Rebecca Morgan, CSP
    This smart consultant in San Jose, CA helps companies perform better.
  • Gayle Oliver
    A terrific executive recruiter and career coach in Atlanta.
  • Richard Edelman
    The CEO of Edelman, the world's largest independent PR firm.
  • Susan B. Wilson, MBA, CSP
    Susan is a delightful, smart facilitator, author, speaker, and trusted executive coach who gets results!
  • Steve Rubel
    Steve Rubel explores how new technologies are transforming marketing, media and public relations at

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Amanda Mooney

Hi Marilynn,
Thank you for a great post. I'm finding it now as news of Amazon's Kindle launch buzzes around the Web. Have you tried it out and have any thoughts?

As someone who lives in the city and runs between class and work every day, I have adapted to reading print media through my mobile devices. I will get the second gen. of the iPhone primarily for the screen size, hoping for a better reading experience. I definitely miss sitting down with a paper or magazine and still try to find as much time as possible to do so; but for now, I have to consume media in a manner our busy work world has taken to QSR-- grab and digest on the run:)

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