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i live in atlanta. what cable channel did you find the painted veil on. i see it is also playing at lefont sandy springs this week.

i agree w/you about the film to such an extent i went back to see it twice & may go again. i particularly thought watts was great, as did the local ajc critic.

Marilynn Mobley

Hi John,

Thanks for your comment. It really is a great movie, isn't it? I'm sure I'll go see it again. I'm one of those people who will see a movie multiple times if I really like it!

I honestly don't remember what channel the commercial appeared on. I do a lot of channel flipping (usually to find shows like "Flip That House").

Appreciate the heads up that it's now at LeFont too. I hope it gets wide distribution. It's too good to stay in art houses only.

(If I remember where I saw the ad or if I see it again, I'll post it.)


Kudos also to a TV ad agency that produces ad trailers for studios, distributors and indies - for free. That's probably cheaper than spotrunner.

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