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  • Terry Brock, MBA, CSP
    If you want to know the latest and greatest technical tools impacting today's business world, he's your man.
  • Ken Futch, CSP
    This guy is just plain funny all the time. Turns out he's also smart. His book, Take Your Best Shot, is as good as his terrific speeches.
  • Gene Griessman, PhD.
    This award-winning author helps companies understand what it takes to truly lead, much in the way Abraham Lincoln did. A fascinating man.
  • Sue Dyer
    Nobody knows more about large project management, especially in the construction industry.
  • Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP
    A great speaker who writes and speaks provocatively about "thinking for a change."
  • Rebecca Morgan, CSP
    This smart consultant in San Jose, CA helps companies perform better.
  • Gayle Oliver
    A terrific executive recruiter and career coach in Atlanta.
  • Richard Edelman
    The CEO of Edelman, the world's largest independent PR firm.
  • Susan B. Wilson, MBA, CSP
    Susan is a delightful, smart facilitator, author, speaker, and trusted executive coach who gets results!
  • Steve Rubel
    Steve Rubel explores how new technologies are transforming marketing, media and public relations at

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I wonder if the store was in business some 20 odd years ago. I bought my wedding gown in a strip mall store in Roswell. We had a fantastic experience there.

I haven't had to do the prom dress thing yet, but my time is coming. :)

Just a reminder...Georgia Carnival submissions are due Thursday.

[email protected]

A Fan

Hello -- I love reading your blog, but am wondering the relevance of Vanessa's race to this posting.

Marilynn Mobley

Hi "Fan"

Thanks for your note. You are absolutely correct - Vanessa's race is not relevant to my post. Frankly, I probably included it just because it's my nature to be descriptive in my writing. I apologize if I've offended you or any other reader. How ironic to be irrelevant in a blog about relevance, huh. Duh.

Account Deleted

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