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IMHO, American Idol should be teaching us how NOT to get ahead. You don't have any sympathy for the ridiculed contestants? Look at it this way: those people waiting in that room all go through a pre-screening process before they even see the 3 judges (on a side note: please tell me how Paula Abdul and Tubby "Dawg" Jackson remain relevant). That means that the people that are about to get shutdown and humiliated on national TV are first told that they deserve a chance. That's not funny. That's manipulation at its worst. It's practically scripted, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of those horrible performers are paid by Fox just to come on the show and be horrible. Also, where is the real talent amongst any of these people? Can they write a song? Can they play an instrument? Can they even read music? I'll never find out by watching them on AI. All I'll find out is how they need to dress better, sing louder (oh god please let someone sing a song without screaming their head off), and put 20 more notes into one syllable than were there in the original recording of the song. And speaking of the original recordings, who really cares if these people can sing songs from the 60s and 70s? Is that supposed to show versatility? When they get their record contract, is it going to be as a cover artist? They should be singing the style of music that they want to make a career out of. American Idol embodies everything that is wrong with the music industry today... grooming artists to fit into a narrow idea of "popular" music that is only made popular by payola radio. Its relevance is only maintained because of the dumbing down of the arts in America and its ratings are an embarrassment to real musicians everywhere.

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